How SentryKit is helping Amazon sellers

How SentryKit is helping Amazon sellers

What is SentryKit?

SentryKit is a market-leading B2B SaaS business in the Amazon Seller Central analytics niche.

SentryKit allows customers to effortlessly track, monitor, and analyze the development of their stores, with the software delivering essential alerts and generating reporting for Amazon sellers. SentryKit alerts merchants on their Best Seller Rank(s), sales, product listings and reviews, keyword phrases, inventory alerts, and much more through its integration to Amazon’s API, offering the most flexible Amazon product analytics system on the market.

Where is SentryKit used?

SentryKit Marketplaces

SentryKit Marketplaces

SentryKit is used by Amazon Sellers and Agencies in (America: US, CA, MX) and (Europe: UK, DE, FR, ES, IT) 

How is SentryKit useful for Amazon sellers?

SentryKit is the Full Checklist Amazon Sellers Should Do... Done For You. Giving peace of mind for the FBA sellers by monitoring the state of their store and analyzing it with artificial intelligence.

Always on, SentryKit does the mundane tasks people shouldn't spend their time on. Labour freed up, time that doesn't have to be lost.

SentryKit benefits and features.

SentryKit provides the following benefits to Amazon sellers.

  1. 24/7 Account Monitoring
  2. All important email alerts
  3. Real-Time Sales Info per ASIN
  4. Real-time promo code stats per ASIN

Using the Amazon API, SentryKit checks on your products frequently. Catching problems early on, SentryKit will notify you via email and desktop notification of over a dozen problems and potential threats in the following categories.

  1. Product Listing Alerts
  2. Product Review Alerts
  3. Hijacker & Sales Alerts
  4. Bestseller Badges and Category Change Alerts
  5. Keyword Phrases
  6. Listing Suspension Alerts
  7. Inventory Alert

Not just alerts, SentryKit lets you see the state of your store, easily by providing

  1. Sales and BSR tracker - View your sales and BSR for today, yesterday or the entire last month, all laid out on beautiful charts.
  2. Near real-time data - Never more than 30 minutes old, the sales data you see on SentryKit is always current
  3. Promo code tracker -See exactly which Promo Codes were used, and when.
  4. Inventory at a glance - See your Total and Sellable stock right from your dashboard
  5. Product groups -  Sales and Promo numbers are summed up by parent. You can also drill down to a specific variation.

Extra touches that our users love about SentryKit

  1. Daily Summary Email - Sent to you, a VA, or everyone on your team.

Pro tip: Set the send time to when work begins. Employees get a head-start on what needs to be done.

  1. Custom Alert Channels - SentryKit lets you add multiple email channels and set what alerts go to each. Great for separate in-house teams.Using Slack, Zappier, or Trello too? SentryKit integrates well with all of these.
  2. Unlimited Seller Accounts - See all your products under one dashboard. Work on them all at once or filter by country and seller account.

Want to take SentryKit for a spin. Find out for yourself and unlock the powers of Sentry kit! 

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