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Announcing SentryKit Ratings and Reviews

Announcing SentryKit Ratings and Reviews

We're excited to share the news that we've achieved Amazon Emerald app status, enhancing your Amazon business operations by integrating shared experiences directly within Seller Central. The emergence of Emerald marks the initiation of an innovative endeavor, enabling secure and compliant third-party apps like SentryKit to serve you seamlessly within your Seller Central account. Now, you have the capability to receive vital, personalized business notifications and critical updates from SentryKit without the need to navigate away from Seller Central. 

Step 1: Navigate to SentryKit's App Listing in Amazon's Seller Central Selling Partner Appstore 

Announcing SentryKit Ratings and Reviews

Announcing SentryKit Ratings and Reviews

Step 2: Click on "customer ratings"

Write a customer review for SentryKit

Write a customer review for SentryKit

Step 3: Click "write a customer review" 

Step 4: Add your star rating on a scale from 1-5, a headline and your full review

Step 5: Click "Submit review" 

Submit SentryKit review

Submit SentryKit review


To begin seeing personalized notifications in Seller Central, follow these two steps: 

 Step 1: Visit the Manage Your Apps page 

Step 2: Click the ‘Re-Authorize’ button for your App 

You are all set! You will start receiving in-app notifications.  

As an Amazon seller, staying informed about your store's status and performance is crucial for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. The SentryKit Amazon Emerald App provides valuable insights and real-time alerts to help you manage your business effectively. The 3 alerts you will receive in the app are: Re-Authorize Seller Store, Suspended Listing, and Search Result Suppression. Understanding and promptly responding to these alerts can safeguard your seller account, protect your listings, and enhance your overall business performance on Amazon. 

  • Re-Authorize Seller Store Alert: The Re-Authorize Seller Store alert is a critical notification that requires immediate attention. It typically occurs when SentryKit detects a potential issue with your seller account's access permissions to SentryKit. This alert is triggered when SentryKit access to your seller store is revoked or after 365 days when the access should be renewed.  

Action to Take: If you receive this alert, act swiftly to ensure SentryKit can continue monitoring your account 24/7 by Log in to your Amazon Seller Central developer permissions section and make sure the SentryKit account is authorized. If not authorized or the access is expired. Click Authorize to fix the problem. 

  • Suspended Listing Alert: A Suspended Listing alert is sent when Amazon takes down one or more of your product listings. This could happen for various reasons, including policy violations, customer complaints, or intellectual property issues. A suspended listing can have a significant impact on your sales and overall store performance.  

Action to Take: Upon receiving a Suspended Listing alert, take immediate action to address the issue causing the suspension. Carefully read the reason for the suspension provided by Amazon and thoroughly review your product listing to identify and rectify any policy violations or content issues. If necessary, communicate with Amazon Seller Support to seek clarification or appeal the suspension. Once the problem is resolved, request a reinstatement of your listing promptly to minimize potential sales losses. 

  • Search Result Suppression Alert: The Search Result Suppression alert notifies you when your product is no longer appearing in search results for specific keywords or product categories. This alert is triggered when Amazon's algorithm identifies issues with your product's relevance, performance, or compliance with search policies. 

Action to Take: Receiving a Search Result Suppression alert demands immediate attention. Start by analyzing your product listing's content, ensuring that it accurately reflects the product's features, benefits, and relevant keywords. Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing search terms for your product. Monitor customer reviews and feedback to identify potential issues affecting your product's performance. Addressing these concerns promptly can help improve your product's visibility in search results and boost sales. 

The Amazon Emerald App alerts for Re-Authorize Seller Store, Suspended Listing, and Search Result Suppression are crucial tools for Amazon sellers to safeguard their business and maintain a strong presence on the platform. Promptly addressing these alerts will help you maintain account security, resolve listing issues, and optimize your product visibility in search results. By staying vigilant and proactive, you can ensure the long-term success and growth of your Amazon seller business.