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"An app that empowers merchants, brands and agencies with critical alerts directly in Amazon Seller Central, allowing them to effectively monitor and manage their stores."

Leveraging the power of Amazon data and AI, SentryKit provides comprehensive 24/7 account monitoring, real-time sales and inventory analysis, along with proactive threat detection, immediately alerting users of critical information via email, desktop, and directly in Seller Central.

Alerts, on time.

Using the Amazon API, SentryKit checks on your products frequently. Catching problems early on, SentryKit will notify you via email and desktop notification of over a dozen problems and potential threats.

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    Notifications in Seller Central

    ● Re-Authorize Seller Store● Suspended Listing● Search Result Suppression

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    Prime and Amazon's Choice Badge

    ● Prime Badge lost or gained● Amazon's Choice Badge lost or gained

  • Inventory Alerts

    ● Out of Stock alerts● Custom Stock Level warningsSet up custom warning and alert levels for each of your products

  • Product Listing Alerts

    ● Title changes● Bullet point changes● NEW! Dimension and Weight changes● NEW! Fulfillment Fee changes● Product description changes● Primary product image removed from search results● Product image changes

  • Product Review Alerts

    ● New critical review received● Top Rated reviews: new critical review voted in● Review count changes● Star rating changes

  • Keyword Phrases

    ● Track search rank for eight primary keyword phrases per product● Alert if rank fallen below a set threshold

  • Bestseller Badges and Category Change Alerts

    ● Main category changes● Sub-category changes● Best Seller Badge lost or gained
    ● NEW! Adult item flag applied (PPC ban, withdrawn from organic search)

  • Hijacker & Sales Alerts

    ● New seller appeared on listing● Buy-box lost to another seller● Sales volume changes● Product stopped selling - missing Add-to-cart button
    ● NEW! Competing seller price changes

  • Listing Suspension Alerts

    ● Amazon API reported suspension - immediate notice.● Unreported suspension - also detected.● Listing suppression
    ● NEW! Search result supression - withdrawn from organic search (e.g. T&C problems)

Your Sales, Promos, Inventory, clearly.

Not just alerts, see the state of your store, easily.

Sentrykit Desktop, Laptop, Mobile
  • Sales and BSR tracker

    Today, yesterday or the entire last month, all laid out on beautiful charts.

  • Promo code tracker

    See exactly which Promo Codes were used, and when.

  • Product groups

    Sales and Promo numbers are summed up by parent. You can also drill down to a specific variation.

  • Near real-time

    Never more than 30 minutes old, the sales data you see on SentryKit is always current.

  • Inventory at a glance

    See your Total and Sellable stock right from your dashboard.


America: US, CA, MX, BREurope: UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL

Extra touches

... our Users love.

  • Web & Mobile too

    SentryKit works on mobile too!
    A nice, simple UI, just as powerful as the main site.

    Checking on sales while still in pajamas? The best.

  • Integrated Issue Tracker

    Easily see what issues have been dealt with and what's still in progress.
    Great for the solopreneur, a must-have for a team!

  • Daily Summary Email

    Sent to you, a VA, or everyone on your team.Pro tip: Set the send time to when work begins. Employees get a head-start on what needs to be done.

  • Custom Alert Channels

    Add multiple email channels and set what alerts go to each. Great for separate in-house teams.

    Using Slack, Zappier, or Trello too?
    SentryKit integrates well with all of these.

  • Unlimited Seller Accounts

    See all your products under one dashboard.
    Work on them all at once or filter by country and seller account.

  • Weekly Releases & Updates

    SentryKit is run by the devs.A little something or something big, we update the app all the time!
    Oh, and we run a wish list too! You ask for it and if others do too, we build it.



Pay only for the ASINs you want tracked, adjust         them at any time.

30-day Free Trial then

$ 14.99 /mo
  • For up to 10 ASINs
  • Unlimited Seller Accounts
  • All features enabled on any tier
  • Unlimited email alerts
  • Unlimited email channels

$14.99/month up to 10 ASINs.

    + $10 for additional 20 ASINs.

<== Choose your plan: 10 ASINs

You choose how many of your products you track.
Select all or just a few - SentryKit will automatically adjust your plan based on what you use.

Custom Plan Levels For Large Sellers

    PREMIER - 30% discount on all ASINs tracked over 500
    ENTERPRISE - 50% discount on all ASINs tracked over 2,000
    SUPERUSER - 10k+ ASINs, Contact us for more info

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial