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Manage Your Storefront

To begin, add your seller account. This gives SentryKit access to your amazon
seller account, enabling SentryKit to monitor and alert you about developing
Click on the button Add Store Front. (In the popup that shows, enter the seller
account name and click Authorize SentryKit on the respective account region)
You will be re-directed to your Amazon seller account to complete authorization
then back to SentryKit.
At this point, your store front should now be listed on the store fronts list.


Manage Your Users

Next, add your team members under the Manage Your Userssection.Click on Add User and fill in their name and email and save.An email will be sent to them to verify their account and also resetthe password.

ManageStorefront Teams

The third step is to assign your users to store fronts they should have access
to under Manage Storefront teams section.
Select the store front to manage, this will show all users with that store fronts
access, from here you can remove existing user permissions.
At the top section, select new users to add to the store front and click save.
These users should now be able to see and manage the store front once they
login with their account.


Manage Users Alerts

The last step is to customize individual email alerts, warnings andimprovements.Under this section, select the user from the drop down and clickmanage alerts.Select what email alerts they should receive and click save.